Schedule Your Consultation

At TravelFly Adventures, we believe in crafting personalized experiences tailored to your preferences and needs. We take the time to understand your travel desires and work closely with you to create a trip that exceeds your expectations.

Before we meet please come prepared with the following:

    • Travel Preferences and Ideas: Come prepared with your travel preferences, ideas, and any specific destinations you have in mind. This will help us tailor the consultation to your interests.
    • Travel Dates: Have a general idea of the desired travel dates or a timeframe when you plan to go on your trip.
    • Budget: It's helpful to have a rough budget in mind to allow us to suggest appropriate travel options and accommodations.
    • Special Requirements or Interests: If you have any special requirements or specific interests, such as accessibility needs or adventure activities, let us know so we can accommodate them in our recommendations.
    • Previous Travel Experiences: Share any previous travel experiences or destinations you have visited. This will help us gain a better understanding of your travel preferences.
    • Questions and Concerns: Prepare any questions or concerns you may have regarding the travel planning process, safety measures, or any other travel-related inquiries.

*Please note: We want to inform you that at TravelFly Adventures, we have a minimum spend requirement to ensure that we can provide you with the high level of service and customized travel experiences that we are known for. For couples, our minimum spend is $5,000, while for families of four or more, our minimum spend is $10,000. This minimum spend helps us in crafting tailored itineraries, securing the best accommodations, arranging transportation, and curating memorable activities that align with your preferences and budget. Rest assured, by meeting this minimum spend, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive and exceptional travel planning service that will create unforgettable memories. We look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations at TravelFly Adventures.